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Part 98: Advance Campaign Mission S9: The Final Battle! AC as Andy, Max and Eagle - Part 1

Advance Campaign Mission S9: The Final Battle! AC as Andy, Max and Eagle (or "Speedrun Strats") - Part 1

YouTube Video (29m57s)

Well, I think pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong in the set-up for recording this one, including a spectacular derp from me not checking that I had correctly downloaded the video (shades of The Last Video there. Sorry, Sup...) and forcing a re-record. But anyway. Joining Socker for the first half of his Final Battle run are myself and debut co-commentator Slur, last seen in the AWBW match.

As you may have gathered from the font on that map, Socker's been a bit stuck for inspiration on what to say for his strategy corner this update, so I thought I'd try and fill the gap (complete with bonus map exporting screwup). One early trick he uses is to go hard at Sturm's extra group of capturing mechs at the start, to ensure they can't grab the properties near him (not to mention, making sure they don't grab Andy's airport!). He even factors the first Meteor Strike into this, using Andy to bait Sturm into hitting his remaining mech. Speaking of mechs, Socker eschews my mech flood strategy with Andy in favour of an infantry flood - just as effective on defence, but it also allows him to save up some money to deploy the occasional heavy hitter. Andy's still going to get hammered pretty bad, but at least he has some stuff to assault with.

Max is - well, he's Max. He'll be pushing at Sturm as hard and fast as he can, especially if Socker wants that S. The bulk of his forces deal with Sturm's initial incursion while he sends a couple of light units to shore up Andy's infantry defence. Controlling Sturm's bomber force early is important, and Max is well-placed to do that.

Eagle is Max Lite (which sounds like a brand of cola, but hey), messing with Sturm's opening forces, making sure the bombers are neutralised, grabbing his own airport and so on. By the end of this update, he'll get a Lightning Strike in that'll mess with the bulk of Sturm's second wave of forces. Of course, Sturm has a second strike prepared of his own...

So, that's Part 1 of Socker's Final Battle. Next time, I'll finally be getting started on Rivals! AC. It's a bit silly really, I edited up the screenshot part of the update a good while ago, but haven't got commentary sorted yet. And it's going to be a week or so before I can sort commentary, since I'm going on holiday to Paris for the next few days. But hey, I'm just glad to get this thing moving again .