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Part 1

And we start our adventure with lots of cutscenes.

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With every update, I'll be covering characters, enemies, weapons, and whatever else crops up. The first should belong to the main character, right?

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Age: 25

"Coming from a long line of fighting men, Gideon was pressured to attend the Military Academy. There he proved himself second to none in flight combat. His graduation was accelerated and he was able to fight in the last year of the war. His strategic brilliance helped him to rise quickly in rank, and he found himself high up in intelligence circles when the war ended. Under governmental pay he now assists the reestablishment of antebellum prosperity to war-torn areas of the world."

Gideon is honestly a pretty cut-and-dry character in terms of personality, and by the end, he's basically a medium through which you blow things up. Kind of a blank slate, mainly because the game makes zero effort to try and familiarize you with his past--everything you would care to know is told to you, and everything notable that happens to him happens during the events of the game.

As is overemphasized in the comic books, Gideon comes from an absolutely terrible home where his elder brother, Ethan, is the amazing hotshot wunderkind who gets a pat on the back for not dying in his sleep. Meanwhile, his mother and father tell Gideon that maybe, someday, if he's really really lucky, he'll do something worth mentioning at dinner without them adding, "We're very disappointed in you." That's about as exciting as his past gets.