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by Setz

Part 2

For this bonus video, we take a nice, relaxing drive around Luriam.

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The human shuttle does not stop. It will keep its inertia wherever you go, whether you change directions or not. The only way to slow it down (briefly) is to hit stuff. Or explode. But I'm sure all the bits of debris that fly off after the explosion keep their own momentum just to make taking screenshots that much harder on me.

Also, the shuttle's boosters are ridiculously loud, and I avoided using them in the first video just so the voice clips would come through better. Pressing the left mouse button or right Xbox trigger makes it a little louder, aaaaaaand it fires up a couple of slightly darker jets that might make it move faster. I say might because the only thing I've ever noticed taking an actual effect on the shuttle's velocity was pressing and holding the jump button, oddly enough.

The very beginning of the prologue is the only place where this shuttle appears. It never comes back, and keep in mind, this is one of the three vehicles touted on the box's selling points.