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Part 3

RBA Starblade posted:

By the way does anyone know if Advent Rising works on the 360? Or should I just buy the PC version off GOG?

Doesn't work on 360, and you really should get it on PC if you're going to get it. The Xbox version is crazy messed up in comparison. GOG is the best deal you're going to find on the PC version, but if you really want the Xbox one, GoGamer occasionally has it in their 48 Hour Madness sales for like $.05.

And now an update! We're introduced, among other things, to Advent Rising's branching plot choices.

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Vote: Do we kill Bud with a Faust, or do we stun Bud with a Stungun?

I personally recommend killing him, because you only really see the effect of this decision that way. I'd have to point out where the change is if we went with stunning him, and even then it's sort of like there isn't really any change to speak of.

Ammo: infinite (alternate fire: none)
Clipsize: 12 (alternate fire: none)

"Used for combat training. It takes 3 shots to stun another human."

The Stungun is the only gun in the game to not feature leveling; it stays permanently at level one and never gains an alternate firing mode. Its main feature is infinite ammo, each clip holding twelve charges. After firing a couple of shots, it will slowly reload itself charge by charge. Its major drawback? You can only pick it up in the TCT room, so after the next video, we'll never see it again without codes. It doesn't even appear in the game's weapon menu, but since it's practically the weakest weapon there is, it's no big loss.