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Part 5

So the vote ended in a tie so I did the only reasonable thing: I took the 36 stun votes and the 36 kill votes and put them into one batch, applying a number to each post. Then I used to generate a number to give us the poster whose vote would determine our choice!

Telemarchitect posted:

He must die.

Here's how I'm going to handle this: video four will have the consequence of our choice in it, so along with that video, I'll post another one that'll have me stunning Bud and the consequence for that. I'll also have a clip of me meleeing him to death because there were a lot of requests for that.

ON WITH THE VIDEO. Time to meet the aliens.

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Age: 28

"Ethan (Gideon's brother) is recognized as the sole reason for the Federation's victory over the allied nations. He is Edumea's most celebrated hero. In the years since the war, his popularity has continued to increase, and with extensive product endorsement and book and movie deals, he has turned his fame into a veritable goldmine. He was the natural choice to be the pilot for the Ambassadorial entourage that would make contact with the Aurelians."

Ethan is kind of an interesting character, not for him being snarky (almost every character in this game has that trait anyway), but for him being somewhat of an arrogant, selfish bastard. He holds his own personal safety first and foremost and views himself as some kind of god-like figure of humanity. Still, I can't help but feel that his celebrity is almost pointless in regards to the story beyond him netting pilot's seat for the ambassador's ship, because after that, it boils down to him being just another guy with a gun.

In gameplay aspects, Ethan's a normal NPC, but I've had a lot less bugs involving him than the other main NPCs you encounter.

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Ammo: 60/120 (5/10)
Clipsize: 10 (5)

"A prototype fusion weapon that fires a plasma-coated kernel of radioactive matter which can fuse explosively upon contact or be wrapped in an entropic field for a delayed explosion."

The H.A.Z.E Blaster is a handgun much like the Faust, but stronger. Its major drawbacks are its low clipsize and capacity, which means a full thirty bullets less per gun than the Faust. Nonetheless, it's incredibly useful when used correctly, simply because it packs more of a punch.

The alt-fire mode is unique to the H.A.Z.E., but also one of the most dangerous. Switching firing modes will allow it to shoot blue, sticky grenades onto enemies, floors, and objects which explode two or three seconds later. The grenades are more powerful than typical grenades, but when you attach one to a Seeker, they will frequently go berserk and attempt to kamikaze into you. And with the added seconds before detonation, it can come back to bite you in the ass. They can also peel them off and lob them back at you, so the best strategy is to fire them long-range while in first-person mode since they lack the arc of normal thrown grenades.

Because it's a prototype, it's also the rarest weapons outside of chapter one where it's everywhere including... well... Combined with the clipsize and capacity, there are times when it can be a fairly worthless option when there are XJ9s and Talmages kicking around.

The H.A.Z.E. was used heavily in promo stuff, where it was originally designed to have a kind of weird handlebar-styled grip. They decided to remove that for some reason beyond my comprehension.