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Part 6

Reive posted:

Gah, I bought this game at full price on release day.. I was the only one who pre-ordered it.

I preordered it off of Amazon, but there was a problem with the shipment so I got a chance to read all the reviews saying how horrible it was while I waited two weeks.

Here's part two of the Luriam conversations.

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Special Ops are the exact same NPC combatant that you encounter for the rest of the game, just with a different skin. The sad truth is that most of the friendlies you encounter fall into two categories: cannon fodder or plot characters, and spec ops always fall under the former. They of course only use human weapons, and are typically assigned to stay within one area until they die, and even then they're likely to respawn (if all the way across the map). These guys litter the game early on, but eventually you only see one here and there.

After this, the bonus updates will get more interesting, I promise.