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Part 7

And for this video, we have another, drastically more important decision to make that will affect the entire game to come.

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And here's the small bonus video of what happens if you stun and melee Bud.
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Vote: Do we take Olivia to the escape pod, or do we take Ethan?

I personally prefer taking  Ethan , but I'll be posting a compilation of cutscenes at the end of the thread showcasing what happens if you pick the other choice. (We'll have a longer voting time for this one since it holds so much more importance to the overall story.)

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Age: 24

"Olivia (Gideon's fiancee) is strong-willed, ambitious and uncommonly intelligent. She is driven by the study of advanced theoretical physics. After completing her graduate studies early at the age of nineteen, she was hired by the Federation as part of an elite team of renowned physicists to begin development of a new form of energy in an attempt to stabilize the devastated lands where the war was fought. The project has recently begun a 6-month testing phase on Luriam where she is currently stationed."

Pretty much from the start, you can pin Olivia exactly as she is: the game's half-baked attempt at sex appeal. The ridiculous elongated hourglass figure--which is more than partially due to the game's artstyle--has always struck me as awkward and unnecessary, and it's made worse by the fact that the modelers didn't seem to know how to make any part of her look natural. She's always standing really bowlegged, a trend which continues for every female character made in ChAIR games.

Overall, she's a pretty weak character who--to me--feels somewhat forced into the script. It also irks me that you start the game out with a fiancee.  I mean, it's pretty obvious what's going to happen with that

Olivia's history is equally forced. She's a theoretical physicist for one of Edumea's first gigantic orbital space stations, but in the comic books, she's a thieving, hoverboard-riding, anti-government punk. It doesn't fit.

Also, what's odd about Olivia is that her programming is really off sometimes. When dealing with vehicles in particular, it's almost as if she wasn't coded to handle even simple actions like jumping in and out. She's caused important plot vehicles to disappear completely on me.

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Seeker Wolves are obviously the vicious but loyal pets of the Seekers, and very little is said about them otherwise (probably because there isn't anything else). They're by far the weakest enemy, but their agility makes them fairly dangerous on higher difficulties, especially in packs. Like normal N'Kul, Wolves have the ability to leap extremely high and far, and also bound off of walls, so when you combine those two aspects, it makes them one of the trickier enemies to hit. They'll frequently just completely stop moving in the middle of a battle, though.

These guys stop appearing after the first half of the game, but they appear briefly in chapter five. The game code refers to them as "Seeker Dogs," as well as "Seeker Hounds."