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Part 12

Story update 6: we run around a lot.

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The Seeker Dropship is pretty much what you'd expect, a flying transport vessel designed to carry a squad of Seekers to an insertion point. But on the side of the ship is a set of rocket launchers--very similar to the Seeker Fury that we'll cover later--that can fire up to four at a time. That means their use in the game varies between two things or the combination of the two: the above stated transportation function, and air support.

Most times, a dropship will fire off several volleys of rockets as it flies towards its cargo's destination, but other times, it will just fly above you and constantly unload its payload until either you or it dies. These guys can be extremely annoying to deal with early on, since practically your only way to dodge its attack is to find some pretty thick cover or somehow manage to dodge its missiles (which do lock-on and track very slightly, by the way).

Occasionally they will glitch out and after dropping off some Seekers, they'll just float higher and higher into the air until they hit the bounding box.

It's possible to take down Seeker Dropships with just about any weapon as long as you have the dedication and health, but its main enemy is our next featured weapon: the Talmage.

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Ammo: 12/24 (12/24)
Clipsize: 3 (3)

"Delivers 12 MoliPack self-propelled rockets which can be fired along a straight vector or alternatively guided along a sonic pathway."

The Talmage 50.08 is pretty much the most powerful weapon in the game, and somewhat cheaply so. Its rockets will kill most anything in one shot, but if grenades litter the ground, setting off a chain reaction becomes your biggest threat. If you dual-wield Talmages, it can be ridiculously effective against harder enemies like turrets and dropships, but more often than not, you'll find an enemy has managed to get up next to you, leaving you to choose between blowing yourself up from splash damage or getting plastered by a Seeker.

The alt-fire mode is simply target tracking, locking on and chasing something down instead of firing in a straight line. Both modes can shoot three rockets before having to reload. Although, what many people never see is the extra firing mode unlocked at level five that lets you guide the missiles around by holding the fire button. Of course, it serves very little tactical use, but it's kinda cool.

After chapter one, the Talmage becomes so plentiful, it's almost ridiculous. There's almost always one lying around (hidden or otherwise) in each section, occasionally with weapon cases filled with several dozen rockets.

Originally, the Talmage was called the Holland 50.08.