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Part 13

I've updated all of the other posts with the icons for each weapon. Here's the current level of each of the guns we've covered.

[doesn't level]
Level 4
Level 5
Level 4
Level 4

Two story updates in a row? Crazy! Let's finish up Chapter 3.

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Human Molipack Grenade: "Manual trajectory explosives with timed/contact simple triggers and contained quantum-pack molecular payloads. Explodes on contact."

Seeker Grenade: "Similar to the human delivery system, but with a biological bonding agent which is corrosive and accelerates the damage to the thermonuclear payload. Features a delayed explosion."

Ammo: 5
Human and Seeker grenades work essentially the same as one another, offering a simple explosion that can set off others in the blast radius. Gideon's greatest problem with grenades is his habit of throwing them at too high of an arc. Oftentimes in order to even land it in the general vicinity of the enemies, you have to target your feet before you throw. Human grenades will bounce a little bit before detonating, but Seeker grenades usually stick in place.

Seekers use their grenades more than marines do, and occasionally Seeker Generals will try to throw one after lowering their shield. The XJ9 and the Seeker Darkfire both offer alternative fire modes that lob their respective races' grenades.

About one in three Seekers will drop a grenade once you kill them. If you're facing a gigantic rush of enemies, it can leave dozens of grenades peppering the ground, which has killed me from a chain reaction more than once (a lot more).

(Of interesting note, the Seeker grenade uses the exact same model as the human grenade, just with the added orange glow around it. Also as a bit of trivia, the PC version will cut off some of the text in the weapon info screen unless your resolution is around 1600x1200.)

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There's a funny bug that affects a lot of marines you'll encounter, though I'm not sure what exactly is the trigger. Sometimes when spawned in, killed, or shot, the marines' eyelids will disappear, giving them a crazy bugeyed expression. [ 3 / 4 ]

Not much else to say about them otherwise!