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Part 15

Here's a video of some compiled audio clips that were left unused in the game.

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I wanted to do a fancy video with this doing fly-bys of the level, pointing out some stuff, and slapping some subtitles on top of it, but my programs kept dying on me or exporting video that was corrupted. Viddler was giving me guff too, so watch this on one of the sites that can actually stream video like they're supposed to.

(EDIT: Video updated with subtitles and flybys of levels.)

Anyway, the first bit is some changed dialogue from the opening of the game between Ethan and Gideon, and then we go into a bunch of conversations with Ambassador Landwell. Originally they planned to have you pilot the ambassadorial shuttle to the Aurelian ship, as you can tell in the opening shuttle sequence where the stern of the Aurelian ship has an opened egg-shaped section. How you landed the ship would be a "choice," I.E., a bad landing would result in something and a good landing would result in a different thing. As far as I can tell, the only effect that would've had was on how Paul Eiding responded to it.

There's also dialogue that seems to imply you were allowed to wander around the Aurelian mothership. The meeting with the Aurelians has some different dialogue (if you ask me, more awkward sounding), and then there's another part of piloting the ambassadorial shuttle back to Luriam. The Seekers were intended to appear during gameplay, which would result in Ethan's controls being jammed and Gideon (the player) having to make another choice, of taking the ship into either Docking Bay 1 or through a window of the station. The cutscene in the final game forces you to go into the window regardless, but Gideon says he doesn't want to because it might kill people inside. And if you look around the place they crashed, they probably caused the death of almost everyone in that area.

And since some of you guys were voicing complaints about the game not explaining stuff to you at this point, well, the developers planned to! There was supposed to be an Aurelian you could talk to on Kelehm's cruiser who you could ask questions to. He would then proceed to dump exposition all over you.

[ Viddler / Blip / Youtube ]

This is kinda spoiler-y in the sense that this stuff isn't revealed yet, but since the developers themselves thought about putting this guy in, I figure it doesn't hurt much. This won't answer all your questions since we've still got the rest of the game to get through, but it might answer a few.