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Part 24

There should be a new comic with every other story update from now until we're at about the end of the game, but the next will be after video 13.

I ran into some serious problems earlier while trying to record commentary, but I think I fixed them all. If you hear me talking over myself, just imagine I got a co-commentator.

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Seeker Titans are strong as hell. They can take entire clips from two weapons and still not go down, and to make matters worse, they're about as agile as normal Seekers. Like Wolves, Titans are focused on close quarters combat, preferring to beat things into the ground with their fists. Two punches will kill you on normal mode, and it's really easy to get comboed to death by a second taking you from behind. Overall, though, they're pretty easy to dodge. Also I might as well point out that they almost always drop a grenade and occasionally a Talon, but you'll never see them use either.

These guys only appear in chapter five, which is kind of unfortunate, because they'd fit in really well in Chapter 6. Something I'd really like to know is what exactly Titans are, though. Are they Seeker experiments? Genetic mutations? Just the jocks of the Seeker world?

In some of the game's code, Titans are referred to as "Brutes."

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Ammo: 3/6 (3/6)
Clipsize: 3 (3)

"Resonant inertial friction modulator causes quantum level vibrations through the photons in a limited area. Can generate immense heat for short periods of time, even in a defensive (although moderately damaging) radius around the weapon."

The Discord is frequently referred to as the "microwave gun." It is also frequently referred to by me as "total garbage." It's similar to a shotgun, but worse because its range is limited to arm length, and while it's great at knocking enemies back, the blast only occasionally kills enemies. To make matters worse, it can only fire three times before reloading, and to make it even worse, it can only carry two extra reloads. Choosing this weapon is just to test your own patience.

Its secondary fire is a little more useful. It blasts a shield of fire that is pretty much the same as the primary fire except it's two feet around you in all directions . I suppose it's useful theoretically if you're surrounded, but that just about never happens in this game. Also, it damages you every time you fire it.

Also, the Discord makes up for its low capacity by being way too common for its own good.