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Advent Rising

by Setz

Part 25

Advent Rising was released May 31st, 2005, and today marks exactly five years since then. And I could think of nothing more apropos for the occasion than a video of it doing exactly what everyone panned it for.

To demonstrate some of the less charming aspects of the game, here's a video of me breaking it by getting outside the map repeatedly, and then either dying or wandering around in space for all eternity.

[ Hosted / Viddler / Blip / YouTube ]

It's actually ridiculously easy in some sections to do this, especially in the more open levels. I also have to emphasize, I do all this without cheating the game in any way, beyond in some sections giving myself access to psychic powers to make jumping around easier and less tedious.

I could do several more videos of this kinda thing is there's interest, because this is just a sampler of some of the stuff you can do.

Anyway, there probably won't be an update for a couple days because I'm gonna see if I can fix some audio problems and some miscellaneous issues I've been having.