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Part 26

And we're back on track after a bit of a delay.

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(I call the piece that plays Poeta, but I was wrong, it's actually Muse.)

[ 1 ]
Level one: 2
Level one: 4
Level one: 4/5
Level one: 4/5
Level one: 10/5

Missing File: Timeshift.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact
"By opening a focused channel through the folds of space-time and encasing himself in an inverted gravity shell, Gideon can literally slice through the quantum fabric at sub-sonic speeds. Inversely, he can bleed the gravity shell into the surrounding fabric, and cause a localized inertial time-damp."

Timeshift is essentially like a dash attack: activating it will cause Gideon to launch across the terrain in the blink of an eye and ram directly into a target. If you have no target, Gideon will simply dash forward in whatever direction you were pointed at. It's not particularly strong, but it can be a fairly good getaway tool, and if you're falling to your death, you can use this to reset your velocity and save yourself.

Time-Damp is what would happen if you took bullet time and made it five times slower. Everything around Gideon comes to an absolute crawl while he remains unaffected, leaving him free to blast other psychic powers or weapons (which are also slowed down) as long as you sustain Time-Damp. This is particularly useful if you want to finally start leveling up your melee techniques, since you can now do them without taking any damage at all. Really, once you unlock this power, the game sorta becomes absolutely broken. But it's fun.

Timeshift has a minor but irritating bug, though. After using a dash attack, the camera will almost always remain locked in whichever direction it ended up facing for a second or two. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you mis-aim, you'll probably have to deal with a couple facefulls of lasers.

Originally, Timeshift was just called "Speed."

[ 1 ]
Ammo: 20/40 (20/40)
Clipsize: 10 (10)

"Polarized supermolecules are fired along null conductor channels at sub-light speeds, causing micro-fission blasts upon contact. Comes equipped with a poly-rez genscope able to accurately analyze distance, atmospheric interference, and DNA maps of the target."

The Shadowstalker is the sniper rifle of Advent Rising, and obviously is a one-hit kill if you get a headshot. What makes it a little too easy to use is that dodging or crouching automatically make Gideon aim for the head, which I guess they tried to balance by making the firing rate fairly slow. Pretty much by dual-wielding Stalkers and flipping around like a maniac, you can get through a lot of sections without even really trying.

Unlike other weapons, the Stalker's secondary fire is usable from level one, but it's simply its scope function. Though it can zoom up to 30x, you'll rarely find a use for much more than 10x since the environments hardly ever put you at a good vantage point for it.

It appears fairly frequently in the later half of the game, mostly on weapon racks. Luckily the game doesn't throw very many enemy snipers at you, since they have the same cheap one-shot kill ability that Gideon has.