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Part 28

Routing up to the cannon in the sky.

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I should've mentioned this earlier, but for those of you who really like the music in this game, the Advent Rising website has a few MP3s you can download.

Glorious Human
Luriam Down
Aurelian Conflict
Midst of the N'Kul
Seeker Assault

[ 1 ]
Ammo: 450/900 (3/6)
Clipsize: 45 (3)

"The grav-shielded singularity core embedded in each clip generates muon fragments of dark-matter and then accelerates them along a threaded high gravity bore. The entire core can be unshielded and released as a short-range explosive."

The Darkfire is basically the Seeker equivalent of the human XJ9, from ammo, to clipsize, to grenade alt-fire. An assault rifle that's somewhat rare, it's more useful than most of the common Seeker weapons, but its slow leveling in comparison to the XJ9 makes it feel somewhat like retreading old ground.

Its alt-fire of course shoots a grenade, only this time as a Seeker grenade. Decently common, but there's nothing particularly notable about this gun.

Starts appearing around chapter two, and much more frequently during the latter half of the game.

[ 1 ]
Ammo: 50/100 (25/50)
Clipsize: 10 (5)

"Fires a sphere of volatile colloid transmetals which unravel explosively upon contact or can be spun into an inertial sponge, releasing the gathered ricochet energy upon contact with organic tissue."

The D'nex Talon. This is a "love-hate" gun. Although from its stats it looks like the H.A.Z.E., it runs out of ammo almost faster than the Discord, and on top of that, it's a rare drop, and there are times when it can do next to no damage to a target. Its strength comes out under primary fire while dodging or crouching, but even then it's hardly worth picking up when there are typically so many other viable options available.

But this gun is also amazing, just for its alternate firing mode. This allows the bullets to ricochet around corners up to three times using a laser sight. The ricochet was intended to be used for stealth kills according to the developers, but its greatest feature is that it also bounces off of enemies. Oh, and it will kill that enemy in one shot, then bounce off of that enemy and slaughter two others near it. This gun can knock down a Seeker dropship with almost one clip in this mode. The drawback of using the alt-fire is that... it cuts the ammo in half. Argh.

The only way to get your hands on a Talon is from an enemy drop.