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Part 33

SSJ Reeko posted:

Something I never knew is that the purple laser the Felidic Warriors use actually does no damage. Is that intentional? That seems like either a really major bug or a really stupid idea to keep your allies from stealing kills. With their messed up pathfinding and their inability to decide if they want to melee or not, having a useless ranged attack that their AI relies on seems like a terrible oversight. I mean sure it gives the illusion that they are helping, but when you point out it does nothing then it just pisses you off.

I gave that some thought now that you've asked, and I realized that they probably removed damage on the Aurelian Pulse because they were worried about Gideon taking friendly fire. It'd be a lot more infuriating to die to Aurelian crossfire than anything else. Overall, I think it's a fairly harmless decision. I mean, I didn't even know until I actually forced the game to spawn an Aurelian Pulse for me to use, and the Aurelians are typically pretty happy to run up to enemies and melee.

Anyway, here's a demonstration of all the guns in the game and their alt-fires and such. (Totally lazy picture for this update.)

[ Hosted / Viddler / Blip ]

I tried to change up the environments to make it a little more interesting. This includes a couple of things that I didn't get a chance to show off in the story videos, like the Discord's alt-fire. Hopefully this should help if anyone was having trouble identifying weapons by their appearance, since the resolution and (Viddler) compression made some guns pretty indistinguishable.

I'll be posting a similar video for psychic powers and melee moves.