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Part 35

Not much left of the game at this point!

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Seeker Elites are the game's attempt to slow you down and make you take your time. Elites are a lot different from all the other Seekers in that you can't just start shooting them; they will deflect everything you throw their way--bullets, rockets, grenades, psychic powers, punches--by twirling their Disruptor around. The only way to hurt them is to wait until they attack so that you can dodge and then counterattack. Once they finish, though, they go straight back to blocking all your moves, but anything can hurt an Elite once he's open.

It's worth noting that they sometimes won't block splash damage, so a rocket or the Kaull's secondary fire are good options, too.

Seeker Elites only appear in chapter four and chapter six, and never in groups of more than two.

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Ammo: 90/180 (3/6)
Clipsize: 30 (1)

"Charge-stripped ions literally tear through spacetime, gathering entropic energy waves before impacting on their target. The ions can be layered back upon themselves to build a massive rip in local space and unleash unpredictably multi-directional forces."

The Kaull Firelance is somewhat similar to the human Faust in rifle form, with a higher firing rate. It's definitely more powerful than the Acolyte and extremely effective at taking down standard Seeker fare, but it's also just a little more common than the Talon. Overall, though, it's easy to feel like it's a carbon copy of the Acolyte with different bullets. Kind of a ho-hum gun.

Its alternate fire on the other hand is one of the most easily overlooked options. After an extremely short charge, the "energy-burst" mode can blast a hole through just about anything in the game and take it out. It's insanely powerful and particularly useful for taking out Shock Troops and dropships, but it eats ammo like nothing else. Reloading after every shot is also somewhat frustrating.