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Part 36

So last video I totally forgot to mention that there's actually a model in the game for the E3 demo island, at least a small chunk of it. So I made this quick clip of what the mesh looks like if you want to see it! [ Youtube ]

Anyway, story update again!

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The Skinwalker is some sort of giant ape monster experiment that has had its mind taken over by some sort of control bot. What they don't tell you is that the control bot is actually a bounty hunter who keeps a bunch of bodies in cold storage for him to possess at any time. Again, the unused audio files tell a lot more of the story.

There are two ways to handle the Skinwalker, but both methods require pretty much the exact same strategy: wait for him to slam the ground and cause rocks to fall from the cave walls and hope a big rock falls directly in front of him that he picks up. Once he's lifted it over himself, you can either use Surge to make it fall on his head, or wait until he throws it so you can use Lift and throw it right back at him. Using Lift on the rock in the PC version is an utter nightmare because of the scroll wheel, and even if you do manage to grab it, the window of opportunity to hit him is so small that it's really just not worth it.

He does no other attacks besides that and chasing after you, occasionally swinging his arms. You can get damaged by getting too close to him while he's moving, but jumping at the right time is all you have to do to avoid all but one move in this guy's arsenal. He's an extremely simple boss, but he's a pretty awesome battle.

The Kaull's secondary fire will take this boss down instantly after you've hit him with a rock. Lets you skip two whole phrases of rock throwing.

There's an unused objective that states, "Rush to the Skinwalker's Starship!" This was from a segment in which, after you defeated the ape monster, you would chase the control bot back to the ship before he got another body. In fact, I occasionally thought that the cutscene that plays at the start of this episode is intended to be the cutscene of him running back to his ship, because he's sparking and dramatic music is playing.

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Ammo: 150/300 (30/60)
Clipsize: 30 (6)

"Standard issue Seeker pulse-rifle. Delivers a barrage of superheated particles kinetically bonded to an unstable silicon projectile. These projectiles can be loaded with a simple quark mind-drive to track enemy life signs and explode on contact."

The G'kol Acolyte is the middle-of-the-road alternative to an assault rifle or a handgun. It fires decently fast and has a fairly big clip, and it's one of the most common in the Seeker arsenal since almost every grunt carries one. Strangely, you hardly ever find it hanging on weapon racks.

Its secondary fire shoots a gigantic, homing energy ball that will explode if it connects with you, an enemy, or the environment. It's similar to the H.A.Z.E.'s alt fire in that it's stronger than a normal grenade and has longer range (which can kill you if you're not careful), but if you don't charge it up, the energy ball will move really, really slow. Most of the time your enemy will be on the other side of the room before the shot finally connects with the floor. On top of that, the time it takes to charge it so that the ball does move is about the same as waiting for an uncharged dosage to connect.

If an enemy Seeker fires an energy ball at you, you can deflect it with Surge.

The Acolyte is referred to as the Seeker SMG.