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Part 42

Ready for some kinda shoddy production values? It's the special preorder Making Of DVD for Advent Rising, made by our good friends at Majesco.

[ Blip / (See below for Viddler and Youtube mirrors) ]

So I decided that I'd upload one video that compiles all of these together on Blip, and I'd upload them individually to Viddler and Youtube. There's some desync of like .3 seconds towards the end of the Blip version, which annoyingly makes the orchestra part off.

You'll notice first off that they use the same poorly edited intro clip for each one. But here's the list of all the videos with some comments about things to watch for.

2004 CG Trailer - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- Largely just some higher quality CG clips from the game and a couple from the 2003 teaser, but there are some interesting bits. You might notice at 20 seconds in, Kelehm is looking very different (again check out the 2003 teaser to see him with a much different voice). And 30 seconds in, there's an unused clip of wildlife (Tlakoors and the like) running from the destruction we caused in Chapter Five. Also, the clip that plays at the very end is in the Xbox version as the game's preview window for Jump and Melee, under the name Fold_Space. That ended up being cut on PC.

Making of Advent - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- You'll notice the HUD is really different, check out the 2004 gameplay trailer to see more clips like that. One of the things you'll first notice is how bad the greenscreening is in this, and probably the second is that they somehow misspelled Tommy Tallarico's name. You get to see a short bit of Orson Scott Card in here, but you should really keep an eye out for Todd Sheridan's forehead and Donald Mustard's hype machine.

2005 Gameplay trailer - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- I used this for a bit in the intro video, it's really excessively over-produced and blurry as anything. But you get to see the Warhammer in it (never being driven, of course). Some other things to note is that there are Seekers inside the Command Center in Chapter Three, Gideon has Timeshift in the fight with Barrakka Bahma, and a lot of unused animations during the bar fight that never make an appearance in the final game.

2003 Teaser - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- The very first thing ever shown of Advent from E3 2003, it's entirely CG. There's a scene from the council on Arnyss here where you get to hear Kelehm and Sevan's really weird voices (probably before they hired most of their voice actors). Otherwise, you see Gideon blasting an Aurelian for no good reason, and they claim a release date of Spring 2004.

2004 gameplay - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- The gameplay is looking pretty rough at this point, Gideon's movement is awkward and looks like he's running on ice sometimes. But this one is really awesome if you're into the game's unused content. Here's a list of interesting things you can catch while they're happening:

:12 - There are two marines on the elevator with Gideon in chapter 5, further proof that they originally wanted more humans to survive Edumea's destruction.
:19 - Really changed Upper Bahr Han, plus a Seeker Speeder that seems to work exactly the same as I've shown.
:22 - A Seeker in the final icy wasteland area, probably just the developers trying to show cool stuff.
:31 - Seeker Tank in Upper Bahr Han.
:50 - Seeker Dropship in Kelehm's Cruiser hangar bay or Arnyss (it's hard to tell)
:52-:53 - Gideon throws his Talmage into the dropship. Why did they cut that?!
:55 - Gideon doing a long jump, which was mentioned in some of the hint boxes I posted.
:35, 1:10, 1:16 - You can see the healing power in the HUD display several times in the video. [ 1 ]
1:05, 1:13 - Human grenades equipped in left hand.

Art Gallery I - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- Some artwork and renders for the heroes. There's a fair number of these I haven't been able to find anywhere, which is really irritating.

Art Gallery II - [ Viddler / Youtube ]
- Some more artwork and renders, but this time for enemies. Couple pictures for Koroem, but it's mostly just normal Seekers.

VO & Orchestra - [ Viddler / Youtube (1 / 2) ]
- They manage to spell Tommy Tallarico's name right in this one. I personally find this the most interesting on the entire DVD, because it's got interviews with a lot of different people behind the voicework and music.