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Part 43

Doublupdate. We finish off these audio clips, and finish off Olivia's story.

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The game never delves too much into who the Koroem are or what exactly their overall plan is, but I'm under the impression that the Koroem in picture two is pretty much their leader, because he's the only one besides Ethan and Olivia whose face you ever really see, he gets the focus of the opening cinematic, and he's the only one to get any concept art. So I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say that he was going to be your main antagonist in the sequel.

This is a bit of speculation on my part, but I find it kind of funny that the Koroem apparently didn't have enough faith in the Seekers to capture Gideon and his gang, so they hired several bounty hunters to do it. (That is of course unless the Seekers hired them, but they don't strike me as the type.)

Despite all the ambiguity, Koroem pop up a fair amount. The room where Gideon collected the beam pyramid (next to the human statue) in Chapter Five is called the Koroem Room. If that doesn't give you some indication of what that pyramid is, I don't know what will. Also, through my digging in the static mesh files, I found that the pyramid appears again (but unused) in the Koroem battle, under the name "SwordContainer."

Short clip of the beam pyramid and SwordContainer

They never explicitly state what the beam pyramid does, but I assume it's something that like amplifies Gideon's powers or something. There's also that pointless cutscene of Gideon getting a headache in Chapter Six that I can't help but feel is connected to it. The fact that it's in the final battle says to me that they were planning on it being involved in some big way, but in the end it's just yet another unexplained mystery.

Oh and here's Koroem Ethan with Koroem Olivia's face:

While I'm at it, there are two different facial textures for Ethan in the code [ 1 ], and Koroem Olivia has two different skins for her dress, but it seems like they were just fixing it so that it was more transparent. [ 2 / 3 ]

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By this point, you've probably figured out why the Seeker Scanners were on Luriam. In fact, you know how in the Unreal engine, they have console messages for when a player kills himself, gets blown up by a rocket, etc.? Well GlyphX actually added their own in for people being scanned:

DeathString=%o was not Khoroem Material
FemaleSuicide=%o was not Khoroem Material
MaleSuicide=%o was not Khoroem Material

I'm really glad I managed to get a clip of Gideon getting scanned in the fourth video, because while obviously the developers couldn't have Gideon test positive for Koroem potential and be carted off to them, it makes you wonder why Gideon wasn't acceptable while Ethan and Olivia are.

What's cool to me though is that solitary Scanner you find in Chapter Six while running to save Marin. It's definitely not a mistake, because its AI is set completely different from its Luriam version, and it would take a whole lot of effort on the devs' part to accidentally put him in there. So the developers consciously dropped him in that section to show that they had scanned or had attempted to scan Marin, and I love that kind of detail.