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by Setz

Part 46

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Advent Revising is an unofficial fan patch designed to improve the cinematics of Advent Rising, replace some of the removed cutscenes, and fix various other errors in the game.

This English patch does not attempt to fix gameplay issues, but corrects common problems with movie playback such as audio desync and low framerate, as well as replacing the content that was cut in the PC version of the game. Additionally, in-game subtitles have been completely redone, rewritten, and retimed.

- 12 Xbox cutscenes and one movie file that were removed from the PC version
- Fixes to 49 cutscenes of the game's 64
- Corrections to timing and miscellaneous subtitling errors in all of the game's subtitles
- Edits to the .ini files to:
- Enable full 4:3 display and remove the black bars
- Enable trilinear filtering and Vsync
- Bind the V key to teleport
- Bind F5 to ShowDebug
- Bind F6 to ViewBot
- Bind F7 to free camera
- Bind F8 to level skip
- Bind F9 to screenshot
- Edits to the game's to correct a few problems with objectives
- Edits to the game's,, and to correct some issues with weapons, weapon screens, and descriptions

The patch is pretty hefty, but comes in full and lite versions.


(Thanks to Nothing Doing for the logo and playtesting, and Ryuzaki for hosting and proofreading)

And for those of you who don't own the game (and maybe never plan to), I've been posting miscellaneous videos on Youtube to try and document some of the weird things you can do.

The Stranger in the final map
- The snow alien you meet at the end of the game is actually spawned in the wasteland. They did this because GlyphX originally wanted to use in-game cutscenes as opposed to prerendered.
- In video 15, I talked about causing a glitch that spawned a lot of Enoryms and Sevans, so I figured I'd try to recreate it.

Seeker Skiff
- I've posted pictures of this, but here it is in video form.
Losing Foldspace
- In the final sequence of the Koroem fight where you have to use Foldspace, it's possible to guarantee your death by finding a gun and assigning it to your right hand.
Load checkpoint glitch 2
- In Breaking Out 3, I think I mentioned that Lift and Shatter are theoretically the only skippable powers, but I found through this glitch that Aeon Pulse is skippable (with complications).
Seeker Dropship glitch
- Messing around caused me to discover that they act really weird when hit with grenades.
Reloading glitch 2
- A simple little bug that's kinda funny in that it can kill you if you're using the wrong guns.

Unused guns
- Some of the enemy weapons you can spawn into your hands, most are really glitchy.
Aurelian Pulse
- I mentioned spawning the Aurelians' weapon into your hands in a few videos, but here's what it looks like.
Equipped grenades
- Early trailers showed the grenades equipped in Gideon's right or left hand. Here's the remnants of that.
Equipped Scythe turret
- Gideon fires bullets out of his arms.
Equipped Foldspace
- The final psychic power wasn't really programmed to do anything besides at the final fight, but I equipped it to see.
Controlling and stealing any weapon
- I detail some of the abnormal weapons you have to force into your hand. This really screws with some enemies, since you actually steal their ability to fire.