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Part 1: Chapter 1


You are carrying nothing.

I restarted to before we went into the house so you guys could direct things from the beginning, so we currently have nothing.

If you want to suggest multiple things, that's fine, although you want to be careful about commands that affect the world. Like you could say "wander out into the woods to the north and try to climb a tree". Or "go back to that room we were just in three turns ago and try throwing the hand grenade at the stoat there". But if you said "hit that man in the face until he's dead, then search the body, then drink his gin and throw a wild dance party", you're assuming that 1) we can kill him, 2) we are allowed to search his body, and 3) he has gin on him. So that would be a problematic command. In the event that you ask something that involves multiple moves and a random event or something interrupts us halfway through, I'll stop and ask for further direction.

Of course, don't be silly with it ("explore every room in the entire cave and then report back"), but if you're not sure if what you want is silly, go ahead and try it. I can always say no.