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Part 4: Chapter 4

(OK, I lied. I'll sneak in one more update before I go.)

Avenging_Mikon posted:

I do care, if it's not much trouble.

In Inform, the language this port was written in, you create things for the player to look at in a room by making objects. So, as you can see when I typed "get all", things like the pipes are implemented as objects in that room so that you can look at them. They're marked as "scenery" so that they don't show up in the list of visible items and can't be picked up, but they're there. The people who ported this game wanted the house to be an object you could refer to even while inside the house, so they put another object inside the house also called "house".

So when you type "exit house" it thinks you're talking about that scenery object rather than the room, and you aren't inside that object, so it gets confused. (As Toxicfrog implies above, generally "enter" and "exit" refer to objects whereas "in" and "out" refer to rooms.)


Avenging_Mikon posted:

As for commands...block the stream?


>block stream
That's not a verb I recognise.

Well, that's no good. Of course, we could put an object in there... let's try that.


>put lamp in stream
The brass lantern washes away with the stream.

Ummm... maybe not.


At End Of Road
[Previous turn undone.]

The "undo" command takes us back one turn. I don't believe this was present in the original, but it saves time vs. save/loading, so I'll use that if we do something silly that's easy to reverse in one turn.


Also, did both "x forest" and "x gully" reply "you don't need to refer to that"?

Actually, "x gully" replied that way, but it counted as an error so the parser stopped processing your command at that point. "x forest" gives you this:


The trees of the forest are large hardwood oak and maple, with an occasional grove of pine or spruce. There is quite a bit of undergrowth, largely birch and ash saplings plus nondescript bushes of various sorts. This time of year visibility is quite restricted by all the leaves, but travel is quite easy if you detour around the spruce and berry bushes.