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Part 5: Chapter 5

Jabor posted:

> enter stream


>enter stream
That's not something you can enter.

There's not enough water to swim in.

Aww. But yes, it's a stream coming out of a couple of two-inch pipes, so it isn't too deep.

ToxicFrog posted:

Travel is easy, you say?

Well, we still have no idea where the exits are, so let's go exploring!

> n.
> w.
> s.
> e.

So you just want to describe a square and come back to where we are to get our bearings! Sounds sensible enough.



In Forest
You are in open forest near both a valley and a road.


In A Valley
You are in a valley in the forest beside a stream tumbling along a rocky bed.


At Slit In Streambed
At your feet all the water of the stream splashes into a 2-inch slit in the rock. Downstream the streambed is bare rock.


In Forest
You are in open forest near both a valley and a road.


Uh... huh.

As you have discovered, one of the distinguishing characteristics of Adventure is that exits are often not reversible. Going east from room A doesn't necessarily mean that you can get back by going west from room B. To a certain extent this comes from the original author's experience with caves; if you leave a room heading north and the tunnel you go through turns (or... let's say... twists), you could easily enter the next area from the west side instead. If you decide to keep a map (a very good idea), keep it in pencil and be ready to redraw it.

This makes slightly less sense in a forest, but it's easy to get lost in a forest, isn't it?

CaptainCaveman posted:

Excellent, someone's going to cover Adventure!

Do we have a STATUS or DIAGNOSE command? How about SCORE?


That's not a verb I recognise.

That's not a verb I recognise.

You have so far scored 36 out of a possible 350, in 22 turns, earning you the rank of Adventurer.

Woohoo! We are adventurers for doing nothing much!