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Part 100: Chapter 100

CaptainCaveman posted:


Then go northeast.

Oops. Examine the block before we leave the room.

Avenging_Mikon posted:

Yes. Look at the rock. Also, because a running gag should have more than two instances,

>eat rock

Failing that, attempt to break a piece off with the axe, and if we just can't do anything to the rock, >ne

Alright, so, mess with the block and then go northeast. Got it.


>eat cheese
That's not something you need to refer to in the course of this game.

>x block
It's just a huge block.

>eat block
(first taking the bedrock block)
Surely you're joking.

>hit block with axe
I only understood you as far as wanting to hit the bedrock block.

>hit block
Violence isn't the answer to this one.
Your lamp is getting dim.

Eh, I'm sure that last bit isn't important at all.




Uh... wait, I must have misread what you said. Clearly you meant northWEST.



In Swiss Cheese Room


Oriental Room
This is the oriental room. Ancient oriental cave drawings cover the walls. A gently sloping passage leads upward to the north, another passage leads se, and a hands and knees crawl leads west.

You can see a ming vase here.