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by idonotlikepeas

Part 108: Chapter 108

President Ark posted:

Try the rod, the bird cage, and the axe.

The rod and the cage are still on the ground, so we'll drop the axe.


>drop axe

Something you're carrying won't fit through the tunnel with you. You'd best take inventory and drop something.


Looks like dropping the axe wasn't enough, either. We're rapidly running out of non-breakable things to drop.

AutistTree posted:

Yeah, drop the axe as well. Or can we use the rod to shrink us/our inventory somehow?

So far, all we've discovered is that the rod can be waved and that this doesn't do anything in any situation we've tried it in.

Decoy Badger posted:

> Open cage
> Put ming vase in cage
> Drop cage

Because that's how adventure games work.

Come on, that vase would never fit in a little birdcage.

 There's a bug in this particular version of the port that actually means this exact approach will work, but what kind of fun would it be if we exploited bugs like that?