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Part 118: Chapter 118

TheClassyRobot posted:

>put vase on head

>shout in defiance at the game designer

Wearing the vase was one of the first things we tried. know, some sentences you just think you'll never type.

Source of Happyness posted:

Is the reaper still technically out of orange smoke?
Does the vase break if gets dropped in the process of us dieing?

We could suicide to drop the vase if that means it won't break and we're too retarded to put it down carefully alive.

Technically, we still have two reincarnations left. I've restored on both occasions of our death; I just pasted in the second and third death messages so you could see them.

This approach would work (although it makes no sense), if you're willing to lose ten points. And there's no way to die in the well house that I know of, so you wouldn't be able to deposit the vase, either. So I'm not going to let you guys go down that route juuust yet.