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Part 119: Chapter 119

Oski posted:

This damn pot has taken up pages already - I say smash it and see if we find some glue further on in the caves!

Violence isn't the answer to this one.

TheClassyRobot posted:

Theoretically, could we game the system such that the Pirate steals the Vase? It'll at least delay having to do something with it till we find a good way to safely drop it.

We could do that by restarting the game, but short of that, no. The pirate can only steal your stuff once, and we've already had that happen on this playthrough. We could do that if we get totally stuck, but if we were going to restart we could just not pick it up in the first place.

Anal Surgery posted:

Was there not a stone block or something somewhere, or did I dream that? Maybe you can put the vase on the block if there is one. If not, we need a chisel and four stout men. I'll have that block yet

There is a bedrock block.



In Swiss Cheese Room
You are in a room whose walls resemble swiss cheese. Obvious passages go west, east, ne, and nw. Part of the room is occupied by a large bedrock block.

>put vase on block
Putting things on the bedrock block would achieve nothing.


Well, if you want to go looking for a chisel, or, uh, some stout men, we could do that. We haven't gone east or west from this room yet, or messed around from bedquilt too much.