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Part 124: Chapter 124


>climb beanstalk
You clamber up the plant and scurry through the hole at the top.

In Narrow Corridor
You are in a long, narrow corridor stretching out of sight to the west. At the eastern end is a hole through which you can see a profusion of leaves.

Profusion! It is a good word. Well, there's only one thing to do here, so let's get right to...



Giant Room
You are in the giant room. The ceiling here is too high up for your lamp to show it. Cavernous passages lead east, north, and south. On the west wall is scrawled the inscription, "Fee fie foe foo" [sic].

This all sounds... somehow familiar.


There is a large nest here, full of golden eggs!


Wait, I've got it. Little Red Riding Hood, right?