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Part 132: Chapter 132

pun pundit posted:

I do think we happen to have an empty bottle.
>fill bottle with oil
(go to rusty door)
>use oil

Sounds good to me!


>fill bottle with oil
I only understood you as far as wanting to fill the small bottle.


>fill bottle
The bottle is now full of oil.


At East End of Twopit Room
There is a huge beanstalk growing out of the west pit up to the hole.


At West End of Twopit Room
There is a huge beanstalk growing out of the west pit up to the hole.

>climb beanstalk
You clamber up the plant and scurry through the hole at the top.

In Narrow Corridor
You are in a long, narrow corridor stretching out of sight to the west. At the eastern end is a hole through which you can see a profusion of leaves.

You can't go that way.


Giant Room


Immense N/S Passage

The way north is barred by a massive, rusty, iron door.

>oil hinges
The oil has freed up the hinges so that the door will now move, although it requires some effort.

>open door
The door heaves open with a shower of rust.

Oh, I can't wait. Let's go through!



In Cavern With Waterfall
You are in a magnificent cavern with a rushing stream, which cascades over a sparkling waterfall into a roaring whirlpool which disappears through a hole in the floor. Passages exit to the south and west.

There is a jewel-encrusted trident here!

Underground waterfall - Cascada subterránea - White Scar cave, Yorkshire by Ron in Blackpool, on Flickr

Oooooooh. And there's an exclamation point here!

But you know what?

You are carrying:
  a nest of golden eggs
  a wicker cage (which is closed)
    a little bird
  a black rod with a rusty star on the end
  a dwarvish axe
  a small bottle
  a brass lantern (providing light)
  a ming vase

We have seven items. And that means that it's time for our favorite thing! No, not bacon. Inventory management!