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Part 138: Chapter 138

One of these days I'll learn, and just pick that by default. In this case, though:



Dead End Crawl
This is a dead end crawl.

Oh, true direction, why do you torment your faithful follower so? Let's see where the other exit goes.



Large Low Room


Sloping Corridor
You are in a long winding corridor sloping out of sight in both directions.

The corridor slopes steeply up and down.

I am not entirely certain what the point of that is, but there you are. Since the corridor is empty, we'll just continue to the other end.



On SW Side of Chasm
You are on one side of a large, deep chasm. A heavy white mist rising up from below obscures all view of the far side. A southwest path leads away from the chasm into a winding corridor.
A rickety wooden bridge extends across the chasm, vanishing into the mist.

A sign posted on the bridge reads, "Stop! Pay troll!"
The troll is nowhere to be seen.