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Part 144: Chapter 144

AutistTree posted:

Abseil down that bottomless pit!

We don't have any rope, but...


Don't be ridiculous!

The game is not even going to get close to letting us die like this.

President Ark posted:

I told you there was a pearl in that clam oyster!

Go right.

Hey, I never said there wasn't! Only that it might look like snot.



At Junction With Warm Walls


In Chamber of Boulders
You are in a small chamber filled with large boulders. The walls are very warm, causing the air in the room to be almost stifling from the heat. The only exit is a crawl heading west, through which is coming a low rumbling.

You can see a selection of rare spices here.

>x spices
They smell wonderfully exotic!


So I guess we've now discovered Colonel Sanders' secret lair...