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Part 151: Chapter 151


>throw axe at bear
The axe misses and lands near the bear where you can't get at it.


In Barren Room
You are inside a barren room. The center of the room is completely empty except for some dust. Marks in the dust lead away toward the far end of the room. The only exit is the way you came in.

A cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.
There is a ferocious cave bear eyeing you from the far end of the room!
The bear is held back by a solid gold chain.

You can also see a dwarvish axe here.

>get axe
No chance. It's lying beside the ferocious bear, quite within harm's way.

So far, all we know that we can do with the rod is wave it.


>wave rod
Nothing happens.


Which doesn't do the trick.