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Part 154: Chapter 154

President Ark posted:

Didn't you save before we paid the troll toll?

Why, yes. Yes, I did. Odd that I did that so visibly, isn't it?

If I'm going to restore and go fetch that food from the house, is there anything else I should pick up or leave there? Our inventory at that time was:

You are carrying:
  a wicker cage (which is closed)
    a little bird
  a black rod with a rusty star on the end
  a dwarvish axe
  a small bottle
  a brass lantern (providing light)
  a ming vase
And the contents of the house were:


You can see a glistening pearl, a jeweled trident, a nest of golden eggs, some precious jewelry, some diamonds, some tasty food, a treasure chest, some bars of silver and a set of keys here.