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Part 158: Chapter 158

Glazius posted:

The key is probably in the cave the bear was guarding.

It isn't guarding anything in particular. It was just chained up in an empty room for some reason. The only exit is back the way we came.

Jazzimus Prime posted:

We could try the keys that we opened the grate with in the beginning, although I doubt it will work.

I can restore again and grab those, yes. What from our current inventory should I leave behind so that there's room for the keys?

Jazzimus Prime posted:

Did the eggs teleport back to their original location?

Perhaps. We can check there when we're done with the troll and bear stuff.

President Ark posted:

The emphasis in the description about the dust makes me think there's a secret door in the wall in here.

If there is, how would you propose to find it?