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Part 20: Chapter 20

Spellcheck posted:

>. examine cave
>. map route

Well, okay, if you think that's wise.


You have arrived. After a journey from the Mountainhomes into the forbidden wilderness beyond, your harsh trek has finally ended. Your party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of all of Ingish Mìshos. There are almost no supplies left, but with stout labor comes sustenance. Whether by bolt, plow, or hook, provide for your dwarves. You are expecting a supply caravan just before winter entombs you, but it is Spring now. Enough time to delve secure lodgings here, ere the wolves get hungry. A new chapter of dwarven history begins here at this place, Etägkor, "Colossalcavern". Strike the earth!

Oh, great. So now we have to deal with DWARVES on top of everything else?

Well, I certainly hope THAT doesn't come back to bite us in the ass later.

Slaan posted:

>whistle/sing/tweet at bird

or just


If nothing, >e

Summoning our powers of interspecies communication...


Your singing is abominable.

>sing to bird
I only understood you as far as wanting to sing.

>bird, tweet tweet
Cheep! Chirp!

Does... that count as something or nothing? Well, let's say it counts as something just for now.

Krysmphoenix posted:

I'm really liking the random screenshots you're finding to go along with the area. Sometimes I can get a good image of the area, often I find having a simple picture can really add to my imagery, and help make the whole area seem a little more alive.

>Take bird.

Thanks. I'll try to keep that up.


>take bird
The bird was unafraid when you entered, but as you approach it becomes disturbed and you cannot catch it.


Huh. Looks like something is making it afraid.