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Part 212: Chapter 212

CaptainCaveman posted:




>climb pyramid
I don't think much is to be achieved by that.

You put one hand on the side of the pyramid, preparing for your "climb" and grinning at your own cleverness. But the pyramid your hand comes down on is bigger than it seemed. Wasn't it only eight inches a moment ago? Your hand is only covering about a quarter of it now. It could be a trick of the light, though; scattered illumination from a swaying electric lamp isn't always reliable.

You place your other hand on the pyramid above the first... and you definitely see it now. The pyramid is easily sixteen times taller than your hand. Well, more treasure for you! And now it will be more fun to climb. It is only as you move the first hand above the second that you realize something is terribly wrong. The walls of the cavern seem to have vanished away into the distance; mere grey and orange blurs half-obscured by pools of shadow. The pyramid looms before you, larger and larger as you desperately scramble for a toe-hold on the slick surface.

You climb, one painful inch after another, reaching for a summit which retreats further from you every instant, your suddenly massive lantern the forbidding sun beating down on your back. After hours of futile scrabbling against the dull grey surface, you inevitably lose your grip and begin a downward slide towards an ever-retreating floor. You're not sure how long it continues; you lose count at a thousand seconds and you pass out long before you hit the bottom.

The Dark Room
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