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Part 219: Chapter 219

Jazzimus Prime posted:

We can "plugh" from here, can't we? Or are we supposed to do something else?

Not from here. We're in the alcove now. To Y2!



Misty Cavern


Oriental Room

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The sepulchral voice intones, "The cave is now closed." As the echoes fade, there is a blinding flash of light (and a small puff of orange smoke). . .


As your eyes refocus, you look around...

NE End of Repository
You are at the northeast end of an immense room, even larger than the giant room. It appears to be a repository for the "Adventure" program. Massive torches far overhead bathe the room with smoky yellow light. Scattered about you can be seen a pile of bottles (all of them empty), a nursery of young beanstalks murmuring quietly, a bed of oysters, a bundle of black rods with rusty stars on their ends, and a collection of brass lanterns. Off to one side a great many dwarves are sleeping on the floor, snoring loudly. A sign nearby reads: "Do not disturb the dwarves!"

An immense mirror is hanging against one wall, and stretches to the other end of the room, where various other sundry objects can be glimpsed dimly in the distance.

Your lamp is here, gleaming brightly.
There is an enormous oyster here with its shell tightly closed.

You can also see a black rod with a rusty star on the end and a small bottle (which is empty) here.

[Your score has just gone up by ten points.]