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Part 22: Chapter 22

Avenging_Mikon posted:

Combine tasty food with cage, use cage on bird?

legoman727 posted:

>put bird in cage

A cunning trap!


>light lamp
You switch the brass lantern on.

Orange River Chamber
You are in a splendid chamber thirty feet high. The walls are frozen rivers of orange stone. An awkward canyon and a good passage exit from east and west sides of the chamber.

A cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.

>put food in cage
You put the tasty food into the wicker cage.

>show cage to bird
The little bird is unimpressed.

>put bird in cage
The bird was unafraid when you entered, but as you approach it becomes disturbed and you cannot catch it.

>give food to bird
It's not hungry. (It's merely pinin' for the fjords). Besides, I suspect it would prefer bird seed.


Looks like the bird is still afraid of us for some reason and isn't interested in the food.

(Incidentally, I consider this puzzle somewhat unfair.)