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Part 220: Chapter 220



SW End of Repository
You are at the southwest end of the repository. To one side is a pit full of fierce green snakes. On the other side is a row of small wicker cages, each of which contains a little sulking bird. In one corner is a bundle of black rods with rusty marks on their ends. A large number of velvet pillows are scattered about on the floor. A vast mirror stretches off to the northeast. At your feet is a large steel grate, next to which is a sign which reads, "TREASURE VAULT. Keys in main office."

An immense mirror is hanging against one wall, and stretches to the other end of the room, where various other sundry objects can be glimpsed dimly in the distance.

A cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.

The grate is closed.

A three foot black rod with a rusty mark on one end lies nearby.

You can also see a velvet pillow here.


Well, this is certainly new.