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Part 223: Chapter 223

Pester posted:

I see some items and birds in need of examining.

You got it.


>x bird
The cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.

>x pillow
It's just a small velvet pillow.

>x grate
It just looks like an ordinary steel grate.

You are carrying:
a black rod with a rusty mark on the end
a black rod with a rusty star on the end

>x mark
It's a three foot black rod with a rusty mark on an end.

>x star
It's a three foot black rod with a rusty star on an end.

>x mirror
It looks like an ordinary, albeit enormous, mirror.


NE End of Repository

An immense mirror is hanging against one wall, and stretches to the other end of the room, where various other sundry objects can be glimpsed dimly in the distance.

Your lamp is here, gleaming brightly.
There is an enormous oyster here with its shell tightly closed.

You can also see a small bottle (which is empty) here.

>x lamp
It is a shiny brass lamp, glowing brightly.

>x bottle
The small bottle is empty.

>x dwarves
I wouldn't bother the dwarves if I were you.

>x oyster
Interesting. There seems to be something written on the underside of the oyster:

"There is something strange about this place, such that one of the curses I've always known now has a new effect."


Hmm. Interesting intelligence. What next?