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Part 23: Chapter 23

Avenging_Mikon posted:

Pick up rock, throw rock at bird, because dammit, this bird is going DOWN.

Damn right. How dare it sing happily!


>get rock
You can't see any such thing.

Guess there isn't any loose rock here. Of course, we have plenty of stuff we're carting around. Let's see. EAT KEYS, CHIRPING MENACE!


>throw keys at bird
You lack the nerve when it comes to the crucial moment.

Well, looks like we're afraid of a tiny singing bird. This quest is going to go REAL well.

Positronic Spleen posted:

Can you examine the bird further?


>x bird
The cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.

We can, but it isn't terrifically helpful.

Positronic Spleen posted:

I don't know if there are any clues, but at least if you drop everything one-by-one, you could brute-force the puzzle and tell if the problem is something you're carrying.

Well, we can try that too.


>drop all
black rod with a rusty star on the end: Dropped.
wicker cage: Dropped.
small bottle: Dropped.
brass lantern: Dropped.
tasty food: Dropped.
set of keys: Dropped.

>get bird
You can catch the bird, but you cannot carry it.

That... isn't worth another post, really.


>get cage

>get bird
You catch the bird in the wicker cage.

>get all
set of keys: Taken.
tasty food: Taken.
brass lantern: Taken.
small bottle: Taken.
black rod with a rusty star on the end: Taken.



(In case you were curious, the bird is afraid of the black rod with a rusty star on the end. No, I have absolutely no idea why that makes sense. If anyone has a thought, please feel free to clue us in.)