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Part 232: Chapter 232

AutistTree posted:

With one (or both) of the rods? Maybe we're a wizard after all!

Let's see.


Blasting requires dynamite.

>blast oyster
What do you want to blast the giant oyster with?

Been eating those funny brownies again?

Dynamite, you say? I think I figured it out, guys. After all this time. Who we really are.

Gay Abortions posted:

blast dwarves with rods
throw axe at dwarves
cage the bird and move it to the room with the dwarves, then unleash it upon them for bloody bird vengeance

Violence was the answer before and it will be the answer again, damnit!


>blast dwarves with mark
Been eating those funny brownies again?

>throw axe at dwarves
You can't see any such thing.

We don't have the cage anymore, either. Just the bird. So we may have to direct our violence in another manner...