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Part 236: Chapter 236

Avenging_Mikon posted:

What the fuck? That worked? Sweet.

I think we got a damn good score, considering our fumbling around. This has been pretty fun. Hope I wasn't too annoying.

Naaaaah. The point of doing these with audience participation is to see what entertainingly bizarre things people will come up with to try. If it were supposed to be a perfect run-through I would have just done it myself, especially since I have the ability to edit out every time I try to go the wrong way by mistake.

Ur Getting Fatter posted:

That solution seemed completely arbitrary, even more so than usual. Were the black rods supposed to be dynamite? If so, how were we supposed to know? I honestly thought that the explosion from the "blast" command was supposed to be some kind of magic.

Also, what was up with the shadowy figure?

The black rod with the mark on the end is a stick of dynamite, yes. The one with the star on the end is something else; I'll show you what it's for when I do the first wrap-up post.

You were supposed to know by blowing yourself up by accident once you figured out what "blast" did and by getting the error message "blasting requires dynamite" if you try to do the wrong thing. Trial and error, basically, the same way you guys worked it out. Or by reading the programmer's mind, of course. The thought process you're meant to have in the final room is basically "crap, I'm trapped, how can I get out?" followed by trying to use all the objects scattered around on the floor to effect an escape. Almost everything in there is a red herring; the grate that theoretically goes to the treasure room, the big mirror, and every inventory item that isn't the marked rod or the oyster. So I wouldn't call it totally arbitrary, since blasting your way out of the vault you're trapped in makes some kind of sense, but it is pretty unfair.

The shadowy figure is your reflection, as pun pundit guessed. We went into two different shadowy figure rooms (the descriptions are basically identical, but the exits are on opposite sides and one left and right are reversed in the descriptions) and we also found a room with a giant mirror suspended between two windows that had matching distances. (The shadowy figure room says that the figure is 25 feet away from you, and the mirror is exactly halfway between two windows that are 25 feet apart.) This is a bit of a subtle joke by Woods, who added the second window room and the mirror room.