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Part 27: Chapter 27

Positronic Spleen posted:

Oh shit, the dwarf! I think he was the one that got to me all those years ago. But maybe he just thought we were a monster? Give him food and maybe he can be our friend!

Let us extend the hand of friendship from ourselves to all dwarfkind. Maybe he just wants to trade granite idols for our plump helmets.


>give food to dwarf
You fool, dwarves eat only coal! Now you've made him *really* mad!

Oh god.

LesBeardly posted:

>throw [heaviest item] at dwarf
>run like sissy

Gomegoth posted:


Let's combine these.


>throw cage at dwarf
The dwarf is not at all interested in your offer. (The reason being, perhaps, that if he kills you he gets everything you have anyway.)

>run away
You can't go that way.

I guess in dwarven society, hurling an object at someone is the accepted form of offering it as a gift. That wouldn't really surprise me, given what I know about dwarves.

Well, diplomacy and cowardice have failed. Time for VIOLENCE!

Slaan posted:

Oh god, oh god, oh god!

>use rod


>use rod
I only understood you as far as wanting to use.

>hit dwarf with rod
I only understood you as far as wanting to hit the threatening little dwarf.

>hit dwarf
Not with your bare hands. No way.

>punch dwarf
Not with your bare hands. No way.

>slap dwarf
That's not a verb I recognise.

>kick dwarf
You boot the dwarf across the room. He curses, then gets up and brushes himself off. Now he's madder than ever!

The dwarf throws a nasty little axe at you, misses, curses, and runs away.


In Hall of Mists
You are at one end of a vast hall stretching forward out of sight to the west. There are openings to either side. Nearby, a wide stone staircase leads downward. The hall is filled with wisps of white mist swaying to and fro almost as if alive. A cold wind blows up the staircase. There is a passage at the top of a dome behind you.

Rough stone steps lead up the dome.

There is a little axe here.


...where did he go?