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Part 29: Chapter 29

Tomaquin posted:

attempted forest map

Right, just a minor suspension of disbelief. No big deal. So that means next would be... ah, who the hell am I kidding? Screw this noise.

It's actually even worse than you think.

Game mechanics marked as spoilers since we might go back out there:  There are two "forest" rooms with slightly different descriptions, and if you go to room 2 there is a 50-50 chance that the game will invisibly put you in room 1 instead. Basically, the forest is designed to infuriate and confuse you. 

Apparently it really is easy to get lost in the woods near Bedquilt, so this was probably an attempt to simulate that.

E: Oh, and because I realize the order of the last update was slightly confusing: we are now at the east bank of a fissure waiting for further orders.