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Part 39: Chapter 39

TheClassyRobot posted:

Holy crap, that bird is friggin' hard core!

-Chirpy Joined the Party!-

Here's hoping there's other cute animals we can recruit later on.

Birds are metal.

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

Get the bird back into the cage. There may be more snakes (or natural gas deposits) later.

Maybe some coyotes?


>get bird

The bird was unafraid when you entered, but as you approach it becomes disturbed and you cannot catch it.

Oh, right.


>drop rod

>get bird
You catch the bird in the wicker cage.

A threatening little dwarf comes out of the shadows!

The dwarf throws a nasty little knife at you, but misses!


But... but we... violence, and...

idonotlikepeas posted:

Your party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of all of Ingish Mìshos.