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Part 43: Chapter 43

Pester posted:

If the bird and cage count as one, we could probably put everything small- keys, food, bottle, etc, in the birdcage, and laugh in the face of carry limits!

Then we should go north or something.

Pah, that cage is too small to fit all of our stuff in, surely. Plus the bird flies out every time you open the cage, even if something else is in there. And... well, there's one other reason we won't do that which I will explain later.

Avenging_Mikon posted:

Pfft, real men care not for how burdened they are! SALLY FORTH! Uh... which ever way forth is.

Looks like it's north!


Low N/S Passage
You are in a low N/S passage at a hole in the floor. The hole goes down to an E/W passage.

There are bars of silver here!


Oh, hey.