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Part 50: Chapter 50

Slaan posted:

Lets see how far it goes down!


And maybe the bird can say hi for us?

>release bird

The room description flat-out says it's 50 feet, but alright! I always wondered how he knows measurements like that. I picture the adventurer wandering around with a measuring tape, a calculator, a level, some kind of portable sonar device, and a bunch of paper for performing calculations. Maybe that's why he's only got room to carry seven other things at once.


That's not a verb I recognise.
Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners?

>open cage
(releasing the little bird)
The little bird flies free.

As a goodwill ambassador, Chirpy lacks a certain something.

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

>figure, hello


>figure, hello
You can't talk to the shadowy figure.

>greet figure
That's not a verb I recognise.

Well, that's lame. Maybe a non-verbal greeting?


The shadowy figure waves back at you!

pun pundit posted:

put out your lantern to see if this is actually a mirror.


>turn off lamp
You switch the brass lantern off.

It is now pitch dark in here!

Well, we aren't seeing any light from the window 25 feet away now, so draw your own conclusions.

Since I already know the next set of things you're going to ask me to do...


>turn on lamp
You switch the brass lantern on.

At Window on Pit
You're at a low window overlooking a huge pit, which extends up out of sight. A floor is indistinctly visible over 50 feet below. Traces of white mist cover the floor of the pit, becoming thicker to the right. Marks in the dust around the window would seem to indicate that someone has been here recently. Directly across the pit from you and 25 feet away there is a similar window looking into a lighted room. A shadowy figure can be seen there peering back at you.

A cheerful little bird is sitting here singing.

>drop rod

>get bird
You catch the bird in the wicker cage.

>get rod