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Part 58: Chapter 58

Avenging_Mikon posted:

Well, if you take the high road, and I take the low road, I'll get to Scotland before ye, so since we don't wanna end up in Scotland, take the high N/S passage.

Hey, I wouldn't mind a trip to Scotland. But fair enough. Should we go north or south? Wait, why am I even asking this question?



Dead End
You have reached a dead end.

When I was a lad and tried playing these sorts of games, I thought this meant my character had actually died. Eventually someone explained. So many wasted restarts...



N/S and E/W Crossover
You are at a crossover of a high N/S passage and a low E/W one.


At West End of Long Hall
You are at the west end of a very long featureless hall. The hall joins up with a narrow north/south passage.


More blind choices! Shall we continue south with the corridor or check out this hall?

Oh, also,

Slaan posted:

What do you have against the land of haggis, bagpipes and kilts? I mean, besides the fact that there are haggis, bagpipes and kilts. But... ale! They have ale, right?



That's not a verb I recognise.

Sad. What if we want breakfast?