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Part 60: Chapter 60

Gay Abortions posted:

I thought we were at the West end of the hall, meaning we'd have to go East to venture onward

In any case, the high road often involves less shiny loot, so let's go check out the hall.

We are! I just mis-spoke in my haste to make a Village People reference. A problem that all of us have had before, I am sure.

So, let's go east.


At East End of Long Hall
You are at the east end of a very long hall apparently without side chambers. To the east a low wide crawl slants up. To the north a round two foot hole slants down.


Man, we've gone for a few rooms without encountering anything insane, dangerous, or glittering. Here, have a picture.

In caving terms, a "hall" is a large cavity inside a cave system that's longer than it is wide.


p.s. I'm pretty sure the magic words are special portals that get us between the well house and specific rooms, though I'm wondering if we can use them to skip the well house and get straight to any room we know the magic word for from a room with another magic word (i.e. by saying 'xyzzy' in Y2).

Well, next time we're by one of those rooms, we can try it out.